Wednesday, October 1, 2008


dude my mom bought us sunny d
lets watch the debates
my skateboard has wifi
i am so bummed and high.

where am i gonna go when this eternal method grab is finished?
quiznos and wendys will be done serving riblets

pumpkin milkshakes are here
i feel alive
i smoked so many cigs before class
i gave the dean a high 5
school was boring
but im ready for halloween
in the summer my guitar goes out of tune.
its hard to tap a solo while my mom is checking runes

im gonna hide porn in the snowman
ohh mann it melted.
my winters ruined
my babysitter saw right through it

dude my mom bought us sun chips
lets watch wife swap
my skateboard has 1000 mp3s
i am so bummed and ripped


ohhh my punks got a hole in it
get the black spray paint
grab some dirt from the cupboard
we're gonna be late

dumb it down
dumb dumb it down
what the coolest beer to buy in this bar
put an anarchy sticker on my car

all who wander are not lost
I keep it krusty, black, and mad
grab my sketchbook and write about how im sad
cuz of my stock broker dad


Mystic mama
witch craft focus
sage brush bundle
harry chest romance

celestial midnight
moon creeper axe fight
cliff dweller bean simmer
bone stew appetite

necklace workshop
burnt bead mindset
local tea party
digital headdress