Sunday, July 27, 2008

a poem for eternity

My Favorite Town

Let me tell you about my favorite place. It is called mattville. Everyone there always dresses in sad days, and all the cars and the drunk basement parties are sad days, too.

bright blankets came to do a concert in mattville once, and the band liked it so much they never left. Now every sad relationship night, all the people who live in mattville put on their sugar high, sad days community coats and walk their drunk basement parties to the town square. Then they sit on the grass, listen to bright blankets play lost hope music, and eat burger bites.
No one has to go to school in mattville unless they want to. Of course, everybody wants to because indian vibe and metal hair are two of the teachers. indian vibe teaches stabbed dj and metal hair teaches fist fighting.

One day indian vibe said to metal hair, "Maybe we should take the students on a field trip." "That's a grounded for life idea, indian vibe," said metal hair. "Let's take them to the most fun place we can think of." "But that would be mattville," said indian vibe. "You're right!" metal hair exclaimed. "Call off the field trip! We're already here!"


my computer will not turn on! it has kicked the bucket i think. two new zines done. plug in/outlet and new future are available now. smallr uns. i will post photos and info on where to grab em soon. for now. enjoy a vision questing youngster.